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A Lota presents several different menus throughout the year. This allows you to taste a variety of flavours using fresh seasonal produce. 


Our dishes take into consideration the time of year you visit us.


You're left feeling warm and harmonious after a winter meal and fun with good humour in the summer.  


The menus feature traditional dishes of the Algarve, as well as some creative adaptations to our fish and seafood dishes. The wedding between the meat and the flavours of the sea are exceptional.



Our fish is always fresh and chosen daily according to the freshness and variety.

You may witness the fishermen entering the restaurant with freshly caught fish. Please check our fridge at the front of the restaurant.



The shellfish are from Alvor river. we have an aquarium which allows us to always have fresh and live seafood - oysters, clams, cockles, mussels, crab, crawfish, lobsters, baby lobsters ...



To compliment your meal we have a great selection of wine, most from small portuguese wine producers.


A small selection of premium gin gives you a warm welcome.

Complete your meal with a dessert prepered in our kitchen.


The dishes are thought by the whole team and then finalized by the team of chefs with great care!

"Gastronomy is art to be tasted!"



Rua Dr. Frederico Ramos Mendes, 79


 + 351 282 458 444


+ 351 282 458 444

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